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The Autumn Raffle draws on 17 September 2021.

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Hopelessly devoted Sandy and Danny really do go together

Beautiful pair Sandy and Danny were brought into our Warrington branch when their owner was no longer able to look after them due to ill health.

Although nervous at first, the pair clearly had a strong bond with each other and our team frequently found them snuggled up together in their Hide & Sleep® fort. Danny was more confident when Sandy was around, and gradually they became more comfortable in their new surroundings - so much so that Sandy eventually let us make a real fuss of her!

Their nervousness indicated they probably came from a quiet home, & it was important for their wellbeing that our team were able to find them a new forever home where they could settle in at their own pace together.

What Sandy and Danny highlight is the need to recognise cats’ individual needs - cats can form strong bonds, and knowing the signs of that is vital to ensuring they’re not experiencing any undue stress by being separated. Equally - it’s important to notice when cats are placed together who may not wish to be, which is just as stressful for different reasons.

Enter our Autumn Raffle today and you will help us continue our work and ensure that more cats and kittens like Sandy and Danny get the help they need.

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Your help turns into much-needed support for abandoned cats and kittens

£12 can help provide specialist milk to keep a litter of orphaned kittens alive

£20 will pay to look after a cat in one of our centres for one day

£30 would pay for a special heated cat bed to keep a cat warm and cosy while in our care

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