Weekly Lottery

Join our Weekly Lottery to help cats and kittens in need and you could win £1,000 every week!

Every week, 300 lucky players will win a cash prize and one of them will get their paws on the £1,000 weekly jackpot! Even better – someone will win up to an incredible £25,000 first prize in our quarterly super draw raffles. Play today and it could be you!

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You could win a variety of cash prizes

7 reasons to play the Weekly Lottery

1 Enter now and you'll be in time for our next quarterly super draw raffle of up to £25,000!
2Entering is easy and playing by Direct Debit means you won't miss a draw.
3No need to check, we'll tell you if you win and even pay your prize fund directly into your bank if you pay by direct debit.
4£1,000 top weekly prize to be won
5Just £1 a week to enter (£2 if you want to double your chances).
6Over 16,000 winners every year with 300 cash prizes to be won every week.
7Every week our lottery players' support keeps our doors open to cats and kittens who need our help
Earl and Duke

How you'll be helping

The Cats Protection Weekly Charity Lottery is a great way to show your support for cats and kittens in need. For as little as £1 a week you could pay for nutritious food for a starving cat, with our lottery income covering the cost of rehoming over 10,000 cats and kittens. You could help us vaccinate cats against life-threatening illnesses such as Cat Flu, Enteritis and Leukaemia.


Elody, Mareep and Marill's story

Our Downham Market Adoption Centre was called to the
rescue of ten cats and kittens when their elderly owner could
no longer look after them.

The three adult cats received treatment for ear mites, were
neutered and underwent a variety of dental work. Each cat
was provided with their own cosy pen giving them the time
and space they needed to recover and become healthy and
well again – a luxury they’d never had previously.

All seven kittens were suffering from a tummy upset that
required intensive care. They all responded well to the
care, barrier nursing and the veterinary medication used
to treat the condition.

Thanks to the help of our generous supporters,
the centre continued to care for the cats and Kittens
while they returned to full health and loving forever
homes were found.

How it works