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“They love fuss and attention which they reward with much purring!”

Sisters Sarah and Amy, now renamed Pickles and Pepper by their new owners, came to our National Cat Centre when they were only four months old.

The sweet kittens were rescued from a home where they shared a single room with 11 other cats. Cats tend to like living alone or in a bonded pair, so having that number of cats living together in a small space can lead to stress and disease.

When the sisters came into our care, they both had severe diarrhoea, so they had to go into our isolation pens to prevent them from passing this onto other cats at the centre. Thanks to the dedicated care and attention they received from our team, Pickles and Pepper soon recovered.

Their personalities began to shine through. Pickles is very confident and absolutely loves to play with straws. Pepper is a little shyer but likes to play with ping pong balls and even occasionally chase her sister’s tail.

After spending two months in our care, the sweet sisters found a loving new home and their owners said: “They both enjoy wildlife programmes on TV. Pickles is particularly interested in snow leopards.”

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